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Selection Grapple

High productivity and ease of use even in heavy-duty conditions thanks to the hydraulic 360° rotation, a standard feature on all models, and clamps and blades in hardwearing HB400 steel.
Applicable on excavators and backhoe loaders, the sorting grapple is designed to handle various materials.
Characterized by a considerable closing force and endowed with great operational agility, the equipment is particularly useful in recycling centers for the selection and handling of aggregates, scrap and ferrous materials.
Versatile, the selection grapple is ideal for construction sites that require precise operations in a short time and can be equipped with multiple accessories: the lateral closure, also toothed, which increases its load capacity for a more effective grip of stones and wood, the teeth for a precise sorting of materials and even elements with rubber surfaces for lifting and safely handling concrete curbs.
Thanks to a particularly strong structure, it allows even light demolitions to be carried out reliably and in total safety.

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Mowing bucket

Mowing bucket are attachments designed for cleaning and reclamation of embankments and canals; maintenance of waters, ditches, canals and riverbanks. The growth on both on banks and on the ditch bottom can be easily mowed and removed. Different sizes of mowing buckets, operative length from 1000 to 6000mm, can be easily attached to carrier vehicles


Looper Bars

CGA LS looper Bars is the most manoeuvrable and fastest lopping bar: it cuts branches up to 15 cm in diameter cleanly and without tearing, and works at a speed of up to 200 beats per minute. Thanks to its swivel joint, it can be rotated 360° to reach any branch. Steel blades guarantee a practically infinite service life and enormous savings in maintenance costs. In addition, the special milling facilitates branch entry and ensures a perfect cut without damaging the plant. A special valve makes the bar suitable for all excavators, brush cutters and pruners. And thanks to the anti-shock technology, in case of contact with poles or signs, the machine will enter the safety mode, preserving itself and the obstacles.

Rotating Pulverizers

The LS series of rotating pulverizers has been specifically designed to perform the functions of primary and secondary demolition. Built in HARDOX 400 to withstand wear, the LS rotating pulverizers have a regenerative circuit that allows for fast closing and emptying of the jaw. In addition, the standard hydraulic rotation (360 °) allows precise positioning of the crusher in any working condition.

• Machine made in HARDOX 400;
• Inverted cylinder to protect the rod;
• Interchangeable blades;
• Interchangeable tooth system.